Idaho Professional Women Express Network
Events Calendar

Here is our list of events and activities scheduled for the next couple of months. We update this page frequently, so check back often to stay up to date.

Check out our monthly bulletin & events:

 December 18December FlyerDecember's Presenter
 November 20November Flyer

November's Presenter

 October 16October Flyer

October's Presenter 

 September 18September Flyer

September's Presenter

 August 21August Flyer

August's Presenter 

 July 17July 

No Meeting

 June 19

June Flyer

June's Presenters

 May 15May Flyer

Anna Long and Jill Landon - May's Presenters

 April 17April Flyer

Catherine Smith - April's Presenter 

 March 20 
March Flyer

Jennifer McCulloch and Kip Robinson
- March's Presenters

 February 20 February FlyerKris Millgate - February's Presenter
 January 16January FlyerLinda Montgomery - January's Presenter

 December 19December FlyerJoin us for a Night of Christmas Cheer!
 November 21November Flyer

Annual Holiday Extravaganza

 October 17October Flyer

Dr. David Gray Adler - October's Presenter 

 September 19September Flyer

Professor Julie Anderson - September's Presenter

 August 15August Flyer

Chris Balmer - August's Presenter 

 July 18July 

No Meeting

 June 20

June Flyer

Alyce Jeppesen and Shawn Tolman
- June's Presenters

 May 16May Flyer

May Presenter - East Idaho Aquarium
Annual Election of Officers

 April 18April Flyer

Carrie Scheid - April's presenter 

 March 21 
March FlyerAnne Rose Hart - March's presenter
 February 21 February FlyerAndrea Todd - February's presenter
 January 17January FlyerDaysha Hampton - January's presenter

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.